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Levi appreciation post

Happy Birthday Lana!!
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SNK Readthrough: Volume 13 Part 8



Levi Helps Hange

Levi and Hange have returned from their meeting with Erwin. Levi is discussing next steps with the team and is looking to Hange for direction.

He notices that Hange is not herself. She’s hiding something from him.

After some crude bathroom humor to break the ice, he turns to Hange and speaks more eloquently.

"Why do you need to keep it inside.", he says. “Tell me, Hange.”

She finally opens up that Minister Nick is dead and relays the horrible details of his murder. She feels responsible. Not only is Nick dead, but she may have jeopardized the entire team.


Levi knows Hange well enough to get to the root of the situation. He understands her guilt has left her feeling lost and indecisive. He comforts her by letting her know that Nick held onto his faith until the end.

After giving Hange the boost she needed, he gives her a second chance at making a decision. This time she responds with her usual fire and determination.

Levi compliments her, in font of his team, in the highest way possible.


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Just realized I didn’t post the Hange and Levi sketches. (I didn’t think to scan them because someone else posted a picture of them this week, but I think they took a photograph? Not sure.) 

Also have this ridiculous fake guide to titans. “Smashing houses with friends.” Sounds like a great group activity. :P

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12 Days of SNK: A Character You Came to Love [Day 8]

 Hange Zoe

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levi is the biggest fucking weirdo. like…

  • he’s a fucking insomniac who only sleeps for like 2-3 hours. in a chair. wtf?
  • the dude can’t get drunk (i feel really bad for him srsly)
  • he showers in 3 minutes. wow. calm the fuck down, man.
  • the whole cleaning thing. i don’t… need to continue with this.
  • i was going to include that he hates/fears mold, but then i thought about it and i hate/fear mold, too.
  • poop jokes (that don’t sound like jokes)
  • his head is entirely too large for his body
  • A+ battle skills; flirtation skills 1/10 at best
  • talks a lot - makes no sense - needs to be translated by hanji
  • his childhood tea trauma has gone too far
  • image
  • levi stop no
  • what a nerd


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One more Levihan shoot tomorrow and then we are done for the year. @_@. So tiring!

(look forward to it, it should be good)

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Shingeki no Kyojin: A Choice With No Regrets OVA Trailer

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Please reblog if you post LeviHan A LOT ‘cause I’d like to follow you :3 Thank you~

hey levihan frands it’s your chance!

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