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levi and hanji falling asleep together after an argument, and erwin comes into the room like


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SNK Quotes : Levi Ackerman

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Anonymous whispered: Headcannon: Levi already proposed to Hange and when she's doing paperwork she fiddles with the ring he gave her (twirls it between her fingers stuff like that) and thinks back to the day he proposed.

Aww, that’s so sweeeeet ;w; And of course she has to take it off when she’s on the battlefield so it doesn’t get ruined. She probably keeps it in a safe place in the corner of her room somewhere; it’s probably the only thing she keeps clean and organized in her room, with it’s own special box and everything.

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Anonymous whispered: Even though she doesn't take care of her's I bet Hange does a great job of keeping Levi's hair clean in between cuts. Plus she can yap about titans and Levi can't leave until she's done with his hair.

Sorry for the late reply ;w;

Haha, somehow I think Levi would rather do his own hair and be like the perfectionist he is than have Hange clean it. I just feel like Hange doesn’t even have enough time to do her own hair with all the experiments she wants to do, much less clean Levi’s.

But, if she did have the time, he’d probably let her do it. Though, I imagine he’d be frustrated nagging her every second for not cleaning it properly and they’d bicker about that xD Then after that he’d show her how to clean it properly by cleaning her hair and giving pointers. And when it’s time to go to bed, he’ll secretly wash his hair again. Though, of course, Hange knows this and just smiles.

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Levi reading Hange like a book - dedicated to maplecat89

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Levi reading Hange like a book - dedicated to maplecat89

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Levi’s actually a very romantic person when he’s with Hanji, he just gets embarrassed because she likes to tell people.

~Mod Levi

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